Study and Exams

Below you'll find links to useful information about study and exams such as tips, videos, calculators, and handy resources.

Cheat sheets Cheat sheets
Cheat Sheets are sample data, equations, rule sheets that you're allowed to take into certain written WACE exams to help you remember key elements, theories any key study notes.
Video sheets Video tutorials
We've built a collection of video tutorials to help you study. Our aim is to help address common problems in different subjects.
ATAR calculator guide ATAR calculator guide
ATAR can be confusing - we have put together a guide that helps you understand the process a little better.
Revision resources Revision resources
You'll find all of our extra sample tests, practice exams, solutions and revision notes in this section. We have made a list of the WACE subject revision resources we currently have on Studentbox.
Past WACE exams Past WACE exams
Are you struggling to find past WACE exams to help you study? We have gathered links to past WACE exams to help save you time searching for revision resources.
Study tips Study tips
We have compiled a list of study tips and resources to help you get through your last years of high school!
Exam tips Exams tips
Are you struggling with exams? Our exam tips can help! They range from top 10 exam tips from previous high school students, through to what to do the night before your exam.
Health tips Health tips
Your health is important and can dramatically impact how you go in studying, exams, tests and more. Check out our health tips to make sure you look after yourself during stressful periods.
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