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If you are looking to study with a Western Australian University for Public Universities (Curtin, UWA, Murdoch, ECU) you will need to apply via TISC (Tertiary Institution Service Centre), an online website. For private Universities you will need to apply to them directly (Notre Dame).

How does applying for uni work?

Step 1:

Complete a TISC online application form for Public Universities (Curtin, Murdoch, ECU, and UWA) and apply directly to Private Universities (Notre Dame).

Step 2:

Complete your University and Course preferences. The opening and closing dates for each year are given via TISC and Notre Dame. See the TISC Calendar.

The preferences include the course you wish to study and at which university.

Preferences need to be listed in order of the course and university in which you most want to study and this then follows onto your second and then third preference….and so on.

The Universities recommend you put a bridging course, enabling course, Foundation year or preparation course as your final preference. This is a good back up plan if things do not go to plan.

See the below example of a student’s TISC preferences. Everyone applying will get six preferences in TISC. While Notre Dame gives you the chance to put in three preferences.

Preferences example 1; this student wants to study Psychology and this course is available at all the unis in Western Australia. They don’t mind which uni they study at. It’s important to check what course you would like to do and see which university it is offered at.


  • University A Psychology
  • University B Psychology
  • University C Psychology
  • University D Psychology
  • University A Health Sciences Major
  • University A Enabling/Bridging/Preparation Course



  • Psychology
  • Health Science first year
  • Preparation course for Health Science


TISC Preference example 2; this student really wants to study at a particular university and they are flexible with options for courses. This student has chosen they do not want to apply for Notre Dame, therefore they haven’t send Notre Dame an application. They have added in one other university as part of their backup plan (University B).


  • University A Physiotherapy
  • University A Nursing
  • University A Psychology
  • University A Health Science major
  • University B Commerce/Business
  • University A Enabling/Bridging/Preparation Course

Step 3: Receive ATAR Score

The official dates for this is published via TISC. On the 19th of December 2017, WA WACE results and Universities Admission Advice Letters are given online for year 12s.

Step 4: Change your preferences if you like

You have until the 4th of January 2018 at 11pm to change your preferences around. This is also the final closing date for you to apply. NOTE: TISC and the universities will do their best to process and consider for the main round of offers applications received up to today. However, any delays in receipt of supporting documentation may impact on this goal. Therefore, 4.30pm on the 4th of January 2018 is the Final date for you to provide documents/transcripts of results of 2017 studies for the main round of offers.

Step 5: First round offers via TISC.

Wednesday the 17th of January 2018 is the main round offers. Applications and changing preferences opens again.

You can choose to accept, defer or wait on the offer you are given.


  • ACCEPT means that is the course and the university you will study at for the next semester or the semester indicated by the university. Once you have accepted there will be no further offers for you.
  • DEFER means you will accept the offer to study at that particular university and that given course, however you choose to not start for one semester of for a full year. It is important to communicate to the University you have been given an offer with to see if the offer can be deferred.
  • WAIT means you want to see if you get another offer in the second round. A student might wait for a number of reasons, one might be to see if they get offered a higher preference.

Step 6: Second round offers via TISC

This will happen on Wednesday the 31st of January 2018. You can then choose to accept or defer your offer.

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We recommend at any stage you be in contact and have a chat with the university you wish to study at. Similarly if you have any questions about your TISC or Notre Dame application you can chat with your year 12 teachers/coordinator, careers councillor or university advisor for your school.

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