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Heard about scholarships but don’t know how to apply or think you are not able to get a scholarship?

What is a scholarship?

So first things first what is a scholarship? As most would know a scholarship is a grant or payment offered by tertiary institutions to support a student’s education.

There are various types of scholarship that are offered to different students. Some are more general, others are more need or course based. There are even scholarships offered to students wanting to study and go on exchange overseas.

More info

Every university offers scholarships so it’s good to have a look on their website. Below are the scholarship websites for the different universities in WA.

My experience

Personally I was awarded the John Curtin Scholarship when I finished my year 12 studies. Of course like with many other things, there is a set criteria that must be followed and to be considered for the scholarship. During my year 12 year I like many I wasn’t aware of scholarships and what they were until my school career advisor told about them.  I was very fortunate to be offered the scholarship at Curtin.  Through my scholarship I have been able to meet and form an amazing network. I have also been involved in many leadership and volunteering programs at university because of my scholarship.

Extra Help

Still a bit scared or feel like the application process is DAUNTING... Here are some tips and application guidelines.

You can have a look at each individual website for application dates and more Information.

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    When do scholarships for leavers open?
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