FREE YEAR 12 NOTES! [2019]

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FREE YEAR 12 NOTES! (2019)

What are type of notes?
A range of notes can be found like, brief notes such as; timelines, summaries etc. and full notes that cover almost whole units.

What subjects are included?
ATAR English, ATAR Modern History (Unit 3 China & Unit 4 Europe), ATAR Economics and ATAR Human Biology.

Are these notes made by you?
Yes, these notes were made/written by me during my Year 12 studies this year. My notes were done by collecting class notes, textbook information and other extra resources given by my teachers. 

Are these notes really free?
YES! I uploaded them so on one else has to rip their hair out at the end of the year. Study effectively!

Click here to access the notes. 

Enjoy, and all the best for your studies in 2020.  :)
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