Breakfast for your brain

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You may have done the training and the studying to get you to the exam but have you fuelled the tank with the right petrol?

Consider your day as a football game. This means breaking your day into four quarters and the first quarter bounce down happens when you wake up. Breakfast is key to exam success and your brain working at its best. It’s true that some people don’t feel like eating in the morning but once again, it’s often a matter of training your stomach to take food.

A high fibre breakfast is a great starting point such as:

  • Natural muesli – there is a range of mueslis available at your local supermarket, but watch out for high amounts of sugar that will give you an energy sugar spike, and an ultimate low that will make you feel drained in energy
  • Porridge with sliced banana and ½ teaspoon of honey
  • Granola – made from oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit - this is packed with healthy fats, omega-3s, natural sugars and full of antioxidants to help clear out the bad stuff
  • Natural greek yogurt with a hand full of berries, kiwifruit or your favourite fruit
  • Smoothie - the best way to pack in lots of nutritious goodness into one yummy drink. Try a banana, berries (check your freezer for a bag of mixed berries), natural yogurt and water, YUM! 
  • Omelette - a great tasting savoury breakfast loaded with protein (egg) and vegetables. Chuck in some capsicum, onion, tomato, top with spinach and sprinkle some salt and pepper. It's making me hungry thinking about it! 
Have some great breakfast ideas? Share them below so everyone can try them.
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