How to choose your upper school subjects

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One of the most frequently asked questions on Studentbox is how to select your year 11 and 12 school subjects. Here are our tips to help you pick the right courses:

Which subjects have you done well in?

Think about the subjects you have previously done well in and choose subjects that will challenge you. Have a chat with your parents/caregivers and teachers about which subjects they think will be right for you.

Where do you want to go after high school?

It’s important to choose subjects that match your career pathway. You can speak to your school’s career counsellor about your career options or go online and see the requirements for any tertiary study options you’d like to pursue.

If you’re not sure if uni is right for you, check out the Campus Quest game which gives you an insight into life at university.

Which subjects do you enjoy?

Choosing subjects you like learning about will help make your time at high school much more enjoyable. Try to balance your subjects across different disciplines to give you a variety of learning experiences.

If you’d like further advice on which courses are right for your choice of career, book an appointment with a Future Student Course Advisor at Curtin University.

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