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on 14/08/2018 at in  Study help
Hello everyone!
I thought you could use some of these awesome apps and websites I've found useful during my ATAR studies:

ForestThis is a really cool app I've just discovered recently, you basically set a timer for how long you want to stay focussed and not use your phone for, and the app grows a tree. If you exit the app during your set time period, the tree will die. There is also ambient noise you can play through the app. You earn coins every time you complete your focus goal and you can use these to buy new species of trees and ambient sounds. Very helpful if you have trouble staying focussed like me! Free, and available on Android and iOS.
Evernote: Great app for note taking and studying on the go. Available on Android and iOS.
Trello: I've used this since year 8 and it's extremely helpful. You can make to-do lists, manage group projects, share information with people and more! Available as an app and online.

ATARnotes: Very handy website with a lot of different elements and information.
shmoop: Fantastic website with a lot of resources, especially good for English. Has notes on specific texts.
gradesaver: As the name suggests, a very helpful website. I'm using it for studying a play in English, notes on specific texts and more.

I hope some of these are useful!
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