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Year 12 – it’s a big year, and one that a lot of students stress about. Some stress is good, because it gets us into gear when we’d otherwise be playing video games or watching cute cat videos on YouTube (definitely not me...), but when it begins to affect your physical or mental health, it’s time to get help.

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A good analogy that I think applied to my school journey is that school is like a marathon. You spend so many years training yourself up for the main event, your peak season is in year 12, and then after a couple of weeks of exams, it’s all over. You wait for the results. Then, if they’re not as good as you’re expecting, you’re devastated. You can’t go back and change them.

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That’s right, you can’t go back and change them.

There is no sense in beating yourself up if you don’t get the top spot on the podium. You will run other races in your life, and those are the ones you can worry (a little bit!) about, but grieving over something that’s already been done will get you nowhere.

Back in year 12, I was a really academically-focussed student. I went to the gym to get my mind off things, I participated in some extra-curriculars, but my study was my number one priority.

Here’s where I’m going to admit that I was wrong. I may have been a bit too stressed at certain times of the year, resulting in me getting sick, and feeling frustrated that I couldn’t go to school and learn the things I needed to, leading to more stress. Above all, remember that you learn best when you’re healthy.

Over the next few posts that I make, I’ll be talking about ways you can fight back against any feelings of sadness or anxiety that may be a problem for you. I’m also going to provide some links in this post, and in the future posts, so you can explore some really great resources. Finally, this post is just some things I’ve learnt while dealing with my own issues, and doing some research on the matter – I’m not a doctor or a psychologist or anything like that, and if you really want help, it’s best to speak to your GP to figure out where to go from there.

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  • Headspace: a free service for Australian youth aged 12 - 25
  • Lifeline: a support line to help people feeling down or depressed
  • Youthbeyondblue: lots of great resources and more links for help
  • ReachOut: facts and information on different mental health issues, and ways to cope
  • Mindhealthconnect: features a library of online resources, and a directory of related services
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