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on 24/03/2018 at in  Study help
Hello Everybody 
I need a bit of help in Acids and Bases topic of Chemistry 
so if anybody is able to give me any sites which helps me in this topic, it would be greatly appreciated 
thank you xx 


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    Hi mariamalapattisdying,

    When I was in high school I found this site to be very helpful for explaining topics in chemistry:
    This link I just provided takes you to the Acid-Base menu, however, the site also has pages on many other topics covered in year 12 Chemistry. To easily locate topics, google "Chemguide + insert your topic name".

    In addition, videos from YouTube and Khan Academy are also quite good for understanding chemistry concepts more if you prefer watching a video and listening to someone talk through a concept.

    I hope the above suggestions can be of help to you and best of luck with your chem studies!

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    If you use the app education perfect, you should look on there for help
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