Chemistry and human biology notes year 12

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I am offering my extremely high quality year 11 high school notes. They follow the syllabus exactly in high detail. 

I am a very high achieving, graduated student. I achieved an ATAR of 98.5 and have won the dux award for many years at school. 

These notes cover the units 3 & 4 of Human biological science and Chemistry. 

If you are interested in achieving the best possible mark you can, then these notes are for you. Both sets of notes contain tables and diagrams (which are not included in the textbooks) which will aid in your understanding of concepts. They are all typed and are set out and worded in a manner that helps you to understand the coursework. 

Human bio: 51 pages, 19245 words 

Chemistry: 23 pages, 9334 words 

$10 for each set. You can pick the notes up from me, or I could email them to you with payment done via PayPal or bank deposit, depending on what’s easiest. 

Please private message me if you are interested

Good luck studying!


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    Studentbox User
    Hi are these still available?
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    Studentbox User
    just wondering if these notes are still available?
  • admin
    Studentbox User
    Are these notes still available?

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