Would anyone have any study tips for starting year 11?

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on 29/01/2018 at in  Study help

So yeah I was hoping if anyone had any study tips for year 11.



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    It is definitely a big transition from year 10. The tips I will give you would be that you stay very focused on your studies and get as much homework or your studies completed and learned in advance. Learning things beforehand from your textbook can help you stay ahead so that you don't face difficulties learning during class. I would also say that you take some notes for each textbook chapter that you read as during exams it becomes very stressful to be going back to the textbook and reading every single chapter. If you have study guides make sure to do some questions from those before tests, they are quite helpful. The study guides are very useful and try to write the answers to every question in a separate book. This way you can refer back to those questions again from the guides. 

    Try to do all the questions on the chapter review sections of textbooks. Remember that is not about how long you study, it is about how effectively you study. Try to have a study timetable for example study for 45 minutes and then take a 10 minutes break and then so on. Plan out your day and keep a calendar to mark your assessment dates. Try to allocate some time to do extra studies, for example, suppose you are not doing very well in one of your subjects then you can spend a weekend on that particular subject and try to figure out what you did wrong. Most importantly review your work.

    I hope these tips help :) If you would like more tips, comment down below. I am happy to help you out. Good luck for year 11. Don't stress too much, stay happy, eat healthy and work hard to achieve your goals.
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