Tips for staying cool during summer

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Spending time in air-conditioning is probably the best and most practical way to stay cool during the summer heat, but if you don’t have an air-conditioner you might need to get creative. Here are some tips to help you beat the heat.

1.     Hang out with a friend with a pool. If you don’t have a friend with a pool, make one.

2.    Stand in the frozen food isle of the supermarket. If people stare, pretend to be confused about which brand of frozen peas to buy.

3.     Go to a movie. Movies theatres are dark, entertaining and most importantly, air-conditioned.


4.     Head down to your local community pool. The entry fee is well worth the price of keeping cool.


5.     Have a cold shower and don’t dry yourself.

6.     Get a bucket, ice and water to make an ice bath for your feet. A surprisingly effective way to lower your body temperature.

7.     Use a spray bottle and water to create a cooling mist you can spray when needed. This works wonders if you’re sitting under a fan.

8.     A damp towel on the back of your neck. Even better if you put the towel in the freezer first.

9.     Visit one of Perth’s many spectacular beaches. Just be careful of the hot sand in the middle of the day.


10.  Spend some time in a public library. You can get ahead on your on studies while enjoying the refreshingly chilled air.

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