Finished Exams? What do I do now??

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on 19/11/2017 at in  Everything else
First of all, a big congratulations to those who have finished their WACE exams! Job well done! And for those who are yet to finish (like me), good luck for your remaining exams! You can do it!

So, if you are one of those lucky people who have finished, I have some tips for you (based on my personal experience):

  1. BREATHE. You know why? Because you finally finished one of the hardest exams out there! When I was in Year 12 (about two years ago), I was really happy and I felt accomplished for finishing 21 exams overall! I did 6 ATAR subjects including Japanese (which had an oral and a practical exam). Twenty-one exams is no joke - specially since I had extra curricular activities such as being a Deputy Head Girl, church, baking and I had two part-time jobs! 

  2. HAVE FUN. My second tip is have fun! Go to the beach, go for a holiday or even go for a Netflix marathon! Whatever your heart desires, DO IT. You have about three months before you go to UNI so make the most out of it!

  3. THINK. Even though you have three months of holiday, don't forget to still THINK. Think about your future. Think about your future plans. Think about your goals. Think about what you want to do in uni. Going to uni may be challenging and daunting at first, but TRUST ME - IT WILL BE WORTH IT.
Sorry, I've only got three tips for now! I have to go back to study for my uni exams! But if you want more tips or want to know more how I managed to balance my busy life, don't forget to email me at

Have a safe holidays!

Regina Nunag
2017 Student Ambassador
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