High Quality Year 11 Human Biology/Chem/Physics notes

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on 26/09/2017 at in  Year 11

I am offering my extremely high quality year 11 high school notes. They follow the syllabus exactly in high detail. 

I am a very high achieving, current year 12 student. I have a predicted ATAR of 98.5 and have won the dux award for many years at school. 

These notes cover the units 1 & 2 of Human biological science and Chemistry, and the units of motion, waves and nuclear physics. A thorough understanding of units 1 & 2 are vital for year 12 as this content is assumed knowledge and is required and built upon in units 3 & 4.If you do not understand what is covered in year 11, you will struggle with year 12, and may not get the marks you want. 

If you are interested in achieving the best possible mark you can, then these notes are for you. Both sets of notes contain tables and diagrams (which are not included in the textbooks) which will aid in your understanding of concepts. They are all typed and are set out and worded in a manner that helps you to understand the coursework. 

Human bio: 41 pages, 12441 words 

Chemistry: 25 pages, 9001 words 

Physics: 10 pages, 3419 words (Do not contain electricity or heat - easy topics) 

$10 for each set. Private message me with any questions, and I will email them to you with payment done by PayPal. 

Cheers and good luck studying



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    Are your notes still up for sale ?

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    hey, are your notes still up for sale?
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