My Story: My uni experience living on campus

Posted by Studentbox user
on 24/05/2017 at in  Student ambassadors

Hey there, my name is Morgan. After high school, I went to France as an exchange student. I actually started studying at Curtin in Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy was great but an overload of science for me so I changed to Primary Teaching. I love studying this at Curtin, there’s such a great atmosphere and supportive teachers. I actually grew up in North Queensland and moved to Perth to study. I lived on-campus for a year and a half where I lived with people from WA but mostly from around the world! I made some great friends here and through my course.

If you have any questions about Curtin, living on-campus or moving cross-country just send me a buzz! If I can’t help you I’m sure I can point you in the right direction.

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