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Graphing tools

Hi everybody I've found some online tools for graphing in Maths and Science that I thought I would share with you. Often graphing on Word and Excel is difficult and doesn't always work as planned and doing it on paper is long and time consuming. These tools are simple and easy to use and will impress your teachers and peers alike.


Simply put 'Desmos' into Google and the first site that comes up. It is a great program, especially for maths as it allows you to put in gradients of lines. It can be great for investigations or exploring linear functions further. It can also be used to create 'maths art' which can be a fun way to mix drawing and maths. It is used a lot in schools in America and will definitely help you with linear functions and graphing in maths.

NCES Create a Graph

This is an equally great program, specifically for science. Simply search 'NCES Create a Graph' in Google and it is the first result that comes up. It is a US government website so it is non-for-profit with no ads. It allows you to create all different types of graphs (line, bar etc.), change and customise everything you thought possible with a graph (colours, direction, shape, style), and is simple and easy to use.

Hope you find them useful :)



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    Thanks @james.a - we have added those under our Mathematics revision resources also :smile: 
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