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I need some help with these questions! I have a test coming up in a couple of days and my teacher hasn't taught anything and isn't of any help when being asked questions!!!! If someone could show me how to work these out that would be great!!!
I feel like I just need to get the general gist of how to answer these questions to be able to answer them all but days of googling hasn't produced any results.

1. Engineers use the radioisotope gold-198, a beta emitter to track sewage. Determine the amount of energy released by one decay of gold-198. 

2. A resident of an affected area is found to have absorbed strontium-90 with an activity of 100MBq. The half life of strontium-90 is almost 30 years so the decline in activity may be ignored if the radiation dose is relatively large. The energy released in each decay is 2.0 x 10^-13 J. How many joules of energy will be released from his bones each second?

3. D-T Reaction: Deuterium + Tritium ----> Alpha Particle + Neutron 
a) Calculate how much mass a single D-T fusion reaction converts to energy.
b) Calculate how much energy a single D-T fusion reaction releases. 


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    1) More information is required. If you are told what isotopes Au-198 decays into you can calculate the mass effect and apply e=mc^2 or equivalence between amus and eVs (see formula/data sheet).
    2) You are told how many decays occur per second (100 X 10^6), multiply this by energy released per decay
    3) I) Find the mass defect for this reaction and;
        II) Apply E = mc^2 for kgs or amu/eV equivalence for amus.
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