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Hi! I am a very anxious year 12 that is in ATAR and having a trouble getting good marks.
I try to study by reading the textbook making the occasional mindmap and typing my notes up but it doesn't really get me that far.

Does anyone have any awesome study tips or any ways that they study to get a high ATAR? 
I have trouble in English, Human Biology and Geography.

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    I am currently in Year 11. These are some techniques I use. I look at the syllabus or outline for each term and start preparing notes for the chapters I need to study very early so I have don't have to do them while I have other assignments to complete or study for tests. Every single day revise through your notes for at least 20 minutes and re-read your textbook every two days. So for the 1st and 2nd day read through your notes and on the 3rd day read the textbook chapter rather than the notes. Try to also test yourself by answering the review questions at the end of textbooks. Not by writing on your book which can take up a lot of time rather saying out the answer aloud. This will help you memorise and make you more confident in answering questions. I would suggest during the holidays you type up the notes for the chapters you will be covering for the semester. This way you will not be wasting your time doing notes when you are supposed to be studying for a test and assignment. 

    I am also doing Human Biolog and it requires a lot of memorisation. As I have mentioned above do your notes for the chapters beforehand so that you don't waste time later. There are so many youtube videos you can watch to help you better understand the concepts. Maybe from these youtube videos, you could include some simplified notes. You can go back to the videos to understand the concept better which is sometimes better than reading the textbook. You should also make up practice tests for yourself. There are plenty of questions on the review section of each chapter. You can put some of those questions in the practice test. You can do the same for geography.

    English requires a lot of thinking. I am guessing you must be struggling with English in terms of writing. Read at least 15 minutes a day and you will see the change.  Read reviews of movies, books as it will help to make you a critical thinker. In English, we are required to write down our opinions which is neither right nor wrong. Try to analyse what you read. This might sound the obvious but when you start to break down the passage you are talking about it can help you write better.  Say for example you are reading a short story try to write a sample essay on it. There are many sample essay questions you can find online. Make sure to use proper structure. This is most important. The structure forms the main part of your writing. Try to use a thesaurus for alternative words, rather than using simple words use formal words for example rather than saying need say,  neccesity or required. Write often and read often. 

    I hope some of these tips above can help you. Goodluck!

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    Hi cupcakegirrll! Year 12 can be really stressful. You're forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. Luckily you're in the right place. The Studentbox community are always willing to help (thanks for your great tips Tabassum!) and we have lots of resources as well. Check out our study tips and exam tips pages as well as our revision resources and cheat sheets. It's also important to keep really healthy to perform at your best this year. Tp help you with that, we've put together lots of useful health tips.

    All the best with year 12 - know the Studentbox community are here to help you through :-)
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    Thanks!! You are super helpful. c:
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