Need OLNA Numeracy Help

Posted by Studentbox user
on 09/03/2017 at in  Study help
I'm doing OLNA this week. I've missed the last four years of school so my maths education during those years is somewhat spotty. I have low energy levels due to me being sick and I didn't want to waste any doing the sample tests that SCSA provides and have none when it actually came to the tests.

So today I did my writing and reading tests and tomorrow I'm doing Numeracy but might be sick and not be able to. There's another opportunity to do the test in September as well as now. But I was wondering if anyone has done the OLNA testing before and could help me figure what maths I need to know? I've done year 1-7, year 10 maths and doing year 11 applications this year, but the stuff in between, I have know idea what was even taught and if I do know it or not.
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