The new school year has begun – time to get organised!

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Sadly, holidays are over and school has begun – but there are a few ways you can begin to lessen the stress of school – get organised!

1.       Get your school gear organised!
Make sure you have what you need for each class.  You school would have listed the requirements for each course, but if you are unsure, make sure you have the basics:

  • Notebooks: something to scribble on for each class – you can also print out our notes template.
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Binders:  get yourself some dividers and tabs to make clear divisions for your course (e.g. ‘Notes’, ‘Assignments’, ‘Readings’, ‘Modules’ etc).
  • Stationary: Pens, pencils,  erasers, paperclips, stapler

2.       Organise your back pack/school bag each night before school.
This may seem like a simple step, but makes a huge difference to your school day.  You won’t have to rush around in the morning, meaning you will feel less stressed.  Make sure you have the books you need for each class.

3.       Keep your locker organised
If you have a locker, keep it organised.  This will save you time between classes, and you will always know where to find your work, books and assignments.
The school may even allow you to bring in a portable shelf for your locker – check with them, and make sure you take measurements before you purchase a shelf!

4.       Back up your work!
If you use a laptop, make sure you back up your work regularly.  The school may have a server space for you to back your work up to, or speak with your parents about purchasing an external hard drive or using an online backup system.

5.       Organise your school work and assignments
Get a planner!  Your school might supply a dairy or planner.  If not, purchase one – you can mark out when assignments are due, and when you need to work on them to achieve the deadline.  You can also highlight when you have homework due, or tests and exam dates.
We have an assignment planner you can download, print and use.  Keep it by your study desk so you know when your assignments and homework are due.

6.       Start on projects early.
Get your head around assignment and projects as soon as they are assigned.  This ay you will know the amount of work you need to put in to achieve a good mark and to get the assignment/project in on time.  DO some work on it each day until it is finished so you are not caught out the day before it is due.

7.       Keep your workspace tidy.
Get rid of papers you no longer need so you don’t have to sort through them to find your work.

8.       Use a binder or folder to transport your work
If you have documents you are working on constantly, have a binder or folder for them.  This prevents them getting damaged and having to hand in crumpled pages. You can also use plastic sleeves to help protect them.

9.       Take organised notes
Put dates on your notes, and use highlighters for the most important information. 

10.  Check out our Study Tips page
We have loads of helpful information to keep you on track!

Good Luck for 2017!

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    Min here.

    I am quite desperate for Year 11 Past notes and papers for the following subjects
    English ATAR,
    Human Bio ATAR,
    Psychology ATAR,
    Phys Ed ATAR,
    Chemistry ATAR 
    Maths Methods ATAR.

    Please contact me if you have resources available, I will be very grateful

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