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I have had a look around the net and made these top 5 tips to help you get motivated. This can be applied to a whole range of things, I have simply based it more on ATAR exams and studying.

1. Set yourself goals

It's hard to get motivated about anything if you haven't set up yourself some goals or objectives (what do you want). Set yourself a goal and how you are going achieve this goal/s. Break them down into small sections so that your overall goal doesn't seem so overwhelming. Here’s a simple example:

  1. Study for exams
  2. Do house chores for Mum
  3. Get into the year 11 softball team
  4. Check what subjects I need to take next year if I want to study to be a primary school teacher

It really helps to write your goals down, here are some popular options that have worked for my friends and I:

  • Favourite notebook
  • Whiteboard
  • iPhone or iPad app – trial the free ones to see which one suits you
  • Post it notes on your bedroom mirror

Try each one and see what works best for you.

2. Track your progress

This helps you break down your goals into smaller sections so you can cross items off as you go. Tracking your progress is really effective as it helps motivate you when you can see items you have competed. It gives you confidence in what you're doing along the way as you're closer to your end goal. Simply cross off each task once you have completed it, it feels great; trust me!

1. Study for exams

a. Science
  • 4 hours a week
  • Go through my class notes
  • Test myself using an exam paper from last year
  • Find additional books at the library

b. English

  • Read last three chapters of Macbeth, I know they’ll test me on this!
  • Ask my teacher for exam papers from previous years
  • Test myself on the exam paper
  • Organise a study session with Hannah, she really helps me understand

2. Chores

  • Clean my room before Grandma and Grandad come over for dinner on Thursday night
  • Mow the lawns on Saturday morning
  • Organise recycling for Dad to take to the recycling center

You can add goals or tasks at any time, but try not to add too many as you may get overwhelmed and loose focus on the most important ones.

3. Seek inspiration

Find quotes, artwork, pictures or anything else that you may see as being inspirational and stick it to your goal. It might be you set yourself an ATAR goal and then draw a big picture of what you want to achieve. For example:

"I want to get an ATAR of 90"

This can help if you hit a slump/roadblock and lose motivation. This will be a big clear reminder of your overall goal to keep you on track.

4. Remind yourself why you have set this goal

Reminding yourself why you have set yourself 'x' goal will reinforce what and why you're doing it. It could be that you want to go to University and become a Doctor. This summarises your overall goal and gives you the kick you need to keep on going.

5. Make it a habit

Once you've accomplished your goal, take some time out to celebrate and reflect, but also try to make it a habit. In this case, if you have set yourself a mark for your ATAR, think about your study habits, what worked, what didn't and make your study routine or method of study a habit. In turn, this will become second nature and you won't have to think about it anymore.


If you end up becoming too organised or work on a task in the same way for too long, you'll actually lose motivation. The key is to have balance! This way you can give yourself a break, get more energy and a have a fresh prospective to get the best out of yourself.

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