Diagrams! (Human Biology)

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What you don't know, you draw. If you're getting bored with reading over and over a text book about a role/structure/function of an organ, then why not draw a diagram. By drawing a diagram you are able to memorize each and every detail because when you have to remember what you have to draw you end up remembering it a lot more then you would just reading it. Its a creative way that helps you to memorize quicker (also makes you more willing to study as its more enjoyable and stress relieving)

Here is one that i copied off of google

An important thing that you need to do next after drawing is explaining what goes next in the process. If you've already draw the diagram you will already have most of the process memorized as when you draw you should start to question the part that you draw. All you need to do is write down what happens and where.

I do this every time i don't understand something in human biology and has a book full of colourful diagrams that i can name instantly on a glance. I hope it works for you too
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    Thanks for the advice, just started Year 12 and we are doing the endocrine system which seems pretty tough, but diagrams will help !!
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    Great idea @treyp !
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