What to do the night before

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on 13/07/2016 at in  Exam resources
Don't stay up all night cramming!

Try not to stress yourself out over the exam the next day. You'll lose sleep and may not end up performing as best as you can. Here's a few tips below to help you out come the night before exams:

  • Don't cram – this adds loads of stress on top of wearing yourself out. Your study plan should allow you to recap what you have been studying to refresh the night before the exam.
  • Sleep - get a decent night's sleep or some rest as this will make you feel so much better and perform for the upcoming exams.
  • Organise your stationary - sort what equipment you need for your exams including pens, pencils, ruler, calculators (and spare batteries), permitted books/cheat sheets or anything else required.
  • Put it in your pencil case - Put all your equipment into a clear container or pencil case so that you meet the Curriculum Council requirements and can pick up everything you need to smash the exams on the day
  • Confirm your exams - confirm the time and location of your exams

Reference: 'Treading Water When the Sharks are Circling; Practical Study Skills for Secondary Students' – Dr. Jim Elliot, Manager Support Services, Curtin University of Technology

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