How to get involved and make friends at Uni

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Starting Uni can be pretty daunting, especially if you don’t know anyone in your course or on campus.

Remember that most people will be in the same boat as you – they will hardly know anyone either!  They are likely to feel exactly the same as you – a little nervous, awkward and overwhelmed!

If you are able to familiarise yourself with the campus do so.  University campuses are open spaces – meaning you can visit whenever you like.  Maybe go along to a Future student event (such as the University Open Day), or visit with someone who may attend the University.  Most campuses also have an Orientation Week – this is invaluable to new students.  A week of events tailored to help you to feel comfortable on campus – and plenty of people around to help you find your lecture theatres and tutorial rooms ahead of time.

Here are a few tips on what you can do to meet new friends:

  1. Say ‘Hi’!  It sounds simple, but try to initiate conversation where you can – start with the people you sit next to in a lecture or a tutorial.
  2. Attend events – most Unis have events for current students – join in! (see some links below for most of the WA Uni campuses.
  3. Join a Club or society.  Most Unis have a student guild that run many different Clubs and Societies.  Check them and join one!  (see some links below for most of the WA Uni campuses)
  4. Take up a sport – not only will it keep you occupied, but you will meet some great people with similar interests. (See some links below for most of the WA Uni campuses).
  5. Have lunch with a classmate – suggest grabbing something to eat together after a lecture.

There is always plenty to do on campus.  Whether you want to attend an event, get involved with the guild or join a sports club – most Uni campuses have people, clubs and teams you can join, depending on your interests.

Don’t feel it is a lost cause if you don’t have a full social life in the first few weeks – it takes time to make friends.  Some friendships will last; with others you might find you don’t have enough in common to maintain it.

Above all – relax and enjoy yourself!  …while keeping up with your study of course!

WA University Guilds and Campus events:

Curtin University:

Murdoch University


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