How to save time in maths exams/ClassPad hacks

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on 18/10/2016 at in  Study help
Just thought I'd share with you some ClassPad hacks that will seriously save you time in exams. If you found this helpful please give it a like or even a comment :) Everything will be much appreciated!!!!

1) Use shift keys more effectively:
The shift key is so much more useful than just turning off your ClassPad! You can customise your shift keys in system > system in the top-left corner > shift keys. Just customise it however you like and click set. For example, I put shift+= as solve(, so I don't have to waste time in exams going through the keyboard.

2) Download eActivities:
eActivities are life-saving for those problems where you have a vague idea but don't fully know what to do. With eActivities, all you have to do is put in the values and the work will be done for you. There are tons of eActivites that can be found on for spec, methods and apps. They're sorted out into categories and have an info button if you're not really sure what to do.

3) Have two ClassPads/spare batteries
This may sound a bit excessive, but you really never know what could happen in an exam. I've had my ClassPad freeze up before and my eActivities completed deleted itself 15 minutes before my mocks! You don't really need to spend another $200 to get a new ClassPad, just borrow one from someone in a lower year. Seriously, without a ClassPad, you won't be able to do calc-assumed AKA half of the exam.

4) Quick scaling for graphs
Instead of wasting time trying to zoom in/out, you can just use auto. Alternatively, go to quick at the bottom of drop-down menu and choose whichever quick zoom is suitable for the question (e.g. quick e^x, quick log(x)).

Please don't forget to chuck a like/comment if you found this useful :)


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    Wow this is so helpful thanks for saving my life these are life changing
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    Thank you! This was super helpful!
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    Thanks, this helps a lot
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    Thanks for this. Great help
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