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I am currently in Year 11 and I am due for my subject selection meeting soon. Considering my grades this year, I have made the prerequisites for  Italian ATAR, Human biology ATAR, Religion ATAR and English ATAR and I am definitely continuing these subjects next year. 

My goal is to do medicine at uni or something to do with Health Sciences . I have not done aswell in Maths and Chemistry, compared to my other subjects and I have struggled alot with these two subjects. 

I have decided to drop to Maths Applications but I am still not sure about chemistry. 
It would be good to have 5 ATAR and drop Chemistry for a general subject but at the same time I know it is helpful for medicine. I am not sure if I should just do Chem next year to satisfy the prerequiste for medicine and not have it as one of my top 4 subjects. I am quite confused at the moment. Please help if you can

Thank you in advance


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    Hi Eleasha, 
    I am a Future Student Advisor at Curtin University and I know from personal experience and with helping other high school students that choosing subjects for year 12 can be very challenging.
    The first thing to think about is... what are the subjects will you enjoy the most and in turn get the best grades you can for? If chemistry isn't one of them and you feel you will struggle too much by doing that subject then it is ok to drop chemistry ATAR and pick up a different subject. It's helpful to chat with your chemistry teacher and careers councilor at your school, they might be able to help as well.  

    Something to note is that Medicine is an extremely difficult course to get into straight after high school. The subject prerequisite requirements include Chemistry ATAR, Mathematics Methods ATAR, Specialist ATAR (desirable) and demonstrate English Competency (such as English ATAR or English Literature ATAR). The ATAR score is very high and over a 95+. There are other requirements that need to be met so its important to chat to the universities that offer Medicine directly. There are two ways of studying Medicine to become a doctor/GP. This is, to start your Medicine degree straight after you graduate from high school (undergraduate) - this is offered at Curtin University or you can study Medicine after you have finished completed study in a degree first and then start Medicine after (postgraduate) - this is offered at Notre Dame and UWA. Have a chat to these unis about the difference between undergraduate and postgraduate Medicine.

    You might like to explore other areas of study within health sciences. I know not all health science degrees require the subject prerequisite of Chemistry ATAR and/or Mathematics higher than Applications ATAR. check out all of the health science courses available at all the universities and see what your interested in. There are some exciting courses that you may like the look of more than Medicine (you might be surprised).

    Something that is interesting to note is if you don't meet a subject prerequisite while you are in year 12, you can pick this up in other ways once you finish school. Have a chat with me if you would like to know how you can meet subject prerequisites for uni if you don't do them in year 12. 

    So, the most important thing to note is just pick the subjects that you can do for next year and know that there is always a way to get to where you want to go even if you don't end up doing the subject prerequisites. 

    (FYI subject prerequisite is a subject you need to have completed before you are eligible to enter into a course. You must also meet other entrance requirements for that particular course of study).

    If you have any further questions regarding this, happy to chat further.
    My email is 

    If anyone has any other questions about subject selection, feel free to ask :) I am always happy to help out! You can leave a comment below, start a new discussion or send me an email.

    Hope this helps, 
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