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What is an ATAR?

ATAR stands for Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank. The ATAR reports your rank position relative to all other students. It takes into account the number of students who sit the WACE exams in any year and also the number of people of Year 12 school leaving age in the total population.

The ATAR ranges between 99.95 and 0. The ATAR is calculated and converted from your Tertiary Entrance Aggregate (TEA). Your TEA is formed based on your 4 top WACE subjects.

How is my ATAR calculated?

TISC determines your overall ATAR. Your ATAR is based on 50% of your school marks and 50% of the WACE exam marks. Both of these scores are aggregated, standardised and scaled appropriately to ensure that all schools across WA can be compared.

How does scaling work?

A lot of factors impact scaling including stage of subject, scaling within your school, how your teacher marks you, the performance of all students sitting WACE exams for that year and lots more.

If you want more information about scaling, you can see our how does scaling work post or get a very detailed look into scaling via TISC.

It's best not to worry about scaling and focus on setting and achieving your own ATAR goal.

What is a predicted ATAR?

A predicted ATAR is an estimate of your ATAR based on your school marks. The best way to determine your predicted ATAR is to:

  1. Ask your teacher your school marks for your WACE subjects (average of year/semester)
  2. Find out how much students last year generally got scaled (% up/down)
  3. Apply the scaling to your WACE subjects
  4. Add your top 4 WACE subjects together to form your TEA (Used to determine your ATAR)
  5. Use the TISC ATAR Calculator

How do I use the TISC ATAR Calculator?

Follow these steps below to help you use the TISC ATAR calculator. Before you get started head over to the TISC ATAR Calculator website. Once there:

  1. Input your scaled TEA score (made up of your top 4 WACE subjects)
  2. Select the year 12 completion year (e.g. 2011)
  3. Click Calculate
  4. Your ATAR rank will appear in blue at the bottom of the screen


NOTE - The ATAR scores determined by any ATAR calculator should only be seen as a prediction as scaling changes significantly every year.

Additional ATAR Calculators

You can also use other ATAR calculators that have been created by either students or schools. You can search for these yourself, or use the link provided below. Please note that these calculators have no affiliation with Studentbox or Curtin.

Each ATAR Calculator includes some form of scaling data. However, current scaling data included in any of the ATAR calculators is not 100% accurate. The predicted ATAR formed from using any of the discussed ATAR calculator/s should only be considered an estimate.

*DISCLAIMER: The calculators contained in the above links have no association to Curtin and Curtin warns that the results derived from the calculator may be inaccurate and not representative of an actual ATAR score. The predicted ATAR score from these calculators should only be used as a guide and not relied upon. Curtin does not accept responsibility for the consequences of any reliance which may be placed on these calculators by any person. Curtin will not be liable to you or to any other person for any loss or damage (including direct, consequential or economic loss or damage) however caused and whether by negligence or otherwise which may result directly or indirectly from the use of these calculators.

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