WACE Exams - Top 11 Frequently Asked Questions for WACE Exams

top 11 faqs for WACE exams

WACE Exams are coming up in November. Below is a list of the Top 11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) of previous year 12 students who have sat the WACE exams. Read them below to get more incite and learn thing such as:

  • When I should get to an exam?
  • What can I take into a WACE exam?
  • What if I'm late to an exam and more.


These FAQ's have been sourced from the Curriculum Council. If you have any additional questions, post them in them in the comments below.

1) What time should I get to an exam?

You should always aim to be early to all your WACE exams. Its recommended that for:

  • written exam: 30 minutes before scheduled exam time and;
  • practical exam: 20 minutes before scheduled exam time.



2) What if I'm late to an exam? (stuck in traffic/bus/train)

You won't be allowed to sit the exam after the first 30 minutes has passed. You should report to the examination centre no matter how later you're and ask the exam supervisor to note the time you arrive.


If you were too late to sit an exam or if you think that your lateness impacted your exam performance, you can submit a sickness/misadventure form to the Curriculum Council. Make sure you include supporting evidence from the transport company before 25th November 2011.



3) What happens if I misread the exam timetable and miss an exam?

Unfortunately, if you misread your exam timetable and end up missing an exam you're not entitled to special consideration. It's best to make a copy of your own personal exam timetable and put it in as many places as possible so you don't forget your timetable.



4) What happens if I break my arm a few days before exams start?

If you suffer an illness or disability before the exams, you should contact the Curriculum Council on 9276 6377. They can determine if special arrangements can be made for you to sit your exams. For example, if you injure your writing hand, you may be provided with a scribe.



5) What if I get sick during my WACE exams?

If you get sick or are at a disadvantage during the WACE exam period your exams cannot be rescheduled. You're encouraged to sit the exams, provided this is not against medical advice.


Special consideration may be given if you're suffering from an illness. Again, if you feel your performance was affected by your sickness, you can fill out a sickness/misadventure form and send it to the Curriculum Council after the exam. You will need to include supporting medical advice with your application form before 25th November 2011.

NOTE - If you don't sit a WACE exam and your application for consideration isn't successful, you won't receive a mark and it can affect your ATAR.



6) What should I take into examination?

You should take the following:

  • Signed personalised examination timetable
  • Pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, white out etc... in a clear case
  • Approved calculators and notes (for some exams e.g. Mathematics 3A/3B).
  • Clear plastic water bottle (no bigger than 1.5L)



7) What can I do during reading time?

All WACE exams have a 10 minute reading time. The purpose of reading time is to give you time to read all the instructions on the paper carefully. Figure out which questions you will answer and clearly understand what you are being asked.

NOTE - You can't mark any paper during the reading time or use a calculator



8) Can I leave an exam early?

You can leave after one hour of the exam. You may not be able to leave early within the last 15 minutes of the exam. Make sure that you check and double check/proof your answers/calculations if you finish an exam early.

NOTE - If you need to go to the toilet or get a drink you will be accompanied by an exam supervisor.



9) Can I take my mobile phone or iPod into an exam?

No. If you are found to have an iPod or mobile you have breached examination rules and will lose exam marks. Make sure you put them in a bag up the front or best of all don't take either to your exam. Focus on the matter at hand and don't lose exam marks because of this mistake.



10) Can I eat during exams?

In general, no you can't eat or drink during exams except water in a clear plastic bottle. In special circumstances, such as if you have diabetes, you may apply to the Curriculum Council to eat during the exam.



11) Can my school stop me from sitting an exam?

Your school can't stop you from sitting the exams. However, if your school is your nominated examination centre and you can't attend that centre (e.g. if you're suspended/expelled), it is your responsibility to find an alternative examination centre from other school principals.


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