Set up your study timetable

Setting up a study timetable is really useful as it helps you manage your time and allows you to visualize exams/study what you have coming up.


Prioritise your study

Creating a study timetable enables you to prioritise what courses to study for within a given time period. This is good as you can allocate more time to study for subjects that you know need more work than others.


Study Timetable Tips

We've listed a couple of tips below to help you prepare your study timetable:

  • The most effective study is in 45 minute sessions - take small breaks as you need to study more effectively
  • Study is best done when most mentally alert - First thing in the morning or at night depending on when you focus the most (morning or night person)
  • More time should be given to difficult and least-liked subjects - this is so that you perform better in subjects you may otherwise fail. You don't need as much time spent on areas you are already good at.
  • Keep a balance - Keep yourself balanced and include time to socialize, exercise/work and more so that you don't overload yourself with study and burn out


Make sure your study timetable is somewhere you can see it. this will help you get into a routine that you have set yourself to achieve your overall exam goals.


Want a study timetable template?

To help you get started, download our basic study timetable template. You can update this as much as you like with different times, colours, size of columns, subjects and lots more so that the study timetable becomes yours. Once you're done, print it out so you can keep on top of studying. Make sure you update it to reflect your own study timetable in the lead up to exams.

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