Firstly, I got an email and I'm not sure if I what I did was right, 'cause it said to send them an email with the subject line "Step Up Acceptance," but did I need anything else included with it?

Secondly, I don't know if I should accept the Summer school as well, but at the moment I can't 'cause the oasis thing won't let me because it says I haven't completed the requirements or something. Help?

Tomorrow is the final day.


Also, what are my chances of getting into Curtin with the Step Up to Curtin thing?


(Going to die while waiting for the first round offers come's too far away!)

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Hi Teresa


I would recommend applying for the Curtin Step Up Program as this will help you get into the course you wish to study at Curtin direct.  You wouldn't need to study any of the UniReady Enabling Programs as the Step Up Program enables you to to start Curtin with all the other students.


I have spoken to admissions and to accept your offer via the Step Up program you simply need to:

  • Reply to the email you have received. (Check the email address so that its
  • Write in the subject: Step Up Acceptance


That's it. 


I would recommend including your name and contact details in case they need to speak to you in any other way. Sorry about the mix up and it doesn't seem too clear, but apparently this is all you need to do.


Let me know if you need anything else.






I'm stuck in a same situation too :/
I was wondering if you got any reply after you sent in your email with the subject "Step Up Acceptance" and I signed up for the UniReady Summer Program and the orientation day is this Friday and I don't know whether I should go since I got the email for the Step Up to Curtin thing... D:

Nope. I didn't get a reply. :/

But I'm going on Ben's words that I won't need to go to the Summer program, so hopefully, I'll be alright. Although I would love to go for the experience and getting my brain back into the studying ethic and all, but it would kill me to get up at 5 in the morning to catch the bus at 6 to get to Curtin at 8, if it were on during normal school hours, especially since I'm working at the moment.

Well, good luck with whatever you choose to do!


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