i'm in year 10 this year and i'm choosing my subjects for year 11. i don't know whether to do 6 wace subjects or do 5 wace and one non-wace, either way i would drop a subject in year 12 for a study period. has anyone done 6 wace subjects in year 11, and if so is it really hard? thankyou! :)

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At my school we all have to do 6 subjects, and a lot of people end up doing 6 wace subjects. It really depends which subjects you do, I'm doing maths 3cd, chem 3ab, physics 3ab, lit 3ab, history 3ab and religion 3ab, so quite hard subjects, and the only real difficulty has been doing physics in yr 12, it was easy enough in yr 11, but got so much more difficult this year. Some people would tell you to do only 5, but if you are going to drop a subject in yr 12, then i would suggest doing 6 in yr 11, so you can have 5 in yr 12, because your top 4 subjects contribute to your final score, and if you bomb out in one, you'll need a back up subject.

Hope this helps!

thanks, that helps a lot! :) is chemistry hard? im thinking of doing it next year but im not sure

Chem actually isn't too hard at all. It gets easier in yr 12 after doing it in yr 11, because you build on knowledge and end up re-learning stuff, so part of what you learn in yr 12, you already know anyway! For me, it's one of my top 4, it's my third best subject after religion and history.

Hi Zoe,

I am currently in year 12 and doing 5 WACE subjects and have one study period... I started doing 6 in year 11 but it was too stressful for me :) Like Maddie says it really depends on what subjects you take, because different combinations are harder than others.

In year 11 I originally took english, religion (compulsory), french, chemistry, maths 3ab, and human bio, but I have since dropped human bio and it has to be the best choice I have ever made!!

And also, in reply to the chem question, I love chem! It is my favourite and top subject at the moment... it definitely gets easier in year 12 because its just building :)

Good luck!

Hey Zoe.

In Year 11, 6 is easy enough to handle. I was getting 70's with six ATAR subjects, however i dropped physics halfway through Year 11 and my marks shot up because i had extra time and less stress coming up to exams.

In Year 12 though, I picked up physics and in Year 12, i think you should really do 5 (and have a study period).

The amount of subjects you do, too, really depends on the course. If you want to do a uni course with a high atar, than do subjects that are atar boosters (i.e. some of the sciences (biology) and a few humanities (geography etc.) and do 5 to focus your studies so you can get the best marks you can.
As long as you apply yourself and keep organised you could do 6, but i'd reccomend 5. Less stress and you can focus more (just don't get caught in your non-ATAR subject - I've known people to get heaps of work in non-ATAR and have no time to do ATAR. Remember its a 'relax' subject. Possibly do a Cert I or II in something.)


I started off doing 6 subjects in year 11, chem, physics, biology, maths, history and English, then in year 12 i dropped physics, i just found it too hard to manage 6 subjects and i didn't really enjoy physics, plus i felt that it was unnecessary for me to do 6 subjects, it's much better now that i have a study period and can concentrate on my other 5 subjects.

Hi Georgi

I am thinking of doing drama, i am in year 10 and i really love it, but i am not very naturally talented and so i was wondering if you are enjoying drama and is it a lot of work and do you have to be really good at it to survive yr 11 and 12?



I'm doing 6 of the hardest subjects in both year 11 and 12 -only because English is compulsory.  I'm doing chem 3AB and love it, as it has been said before its all about building on what you learnt in year 11. Also I do physics 3AB and I think that is actually either my 1st or 2nd best subject and love the concepts- they intrigue me and make me more and more curious about the world- you'll love it if you are curious and like to do some equations. Speaking of equations, I do 2 maths subjects- 3CD and 3CD Specialist. Specialist gets scaled up a lot plus it is one of the most interesting math subjects and it goes so well with physics because of the vectors and if you do specialist in year 11 and do normal 3CD in year 12 you will find 3CD so easy because you would've done nearly all of the course the year before in specialist. The other subject that I do Japanese 3AB is great but the work load from it is humongous. However you do get bonus points after your final scaled score because you did a language but you would've had to do it in previous years too for foundation work.

I pretty much picked 6 in case I bummed out on 2 subjects- English and Specialist- so that I had subjects to fall back on in case. But if you have 5 and a study zone- focus the majority of your energy on your best subjects and have one to fall back on.

It depends greatly on what subjects you have an affinity for- science, math, social studies, art, etc. and how well you can manage your time for your homework if you 6 subjects. you would also have to balance your social life (or give it up for the next 2 years- unfortunate but true), part time jobs, homework, study, family and most importantly time to CHILLOUT. 

Hey Zoe

It really depends on what you want to do in the future in university. An example is if you want to go into commerce and accounting you would do accounting, economics and maybe business management and maybe stage 2 english. At the moment i'm in year 12 and i'm doing 4 stage 3 subjects and 2 stage 2 subjects. I had to drop chemistry because i was really struggling . I couldn't find the time to study all of those subjects. But it depends on how your doing. Maybe your smarter then me. But choose subjects your teacher has recommended. BUT if I was you I would do 5 WACE subjects. This would give you time to study and the other subject you can relax in.


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