Hi. I was wondering if there were any past Wace exam papers WITH the provided solutions. I'm kinda new to Perth, so if I could get some, it would really help.

The subjects I take are:

1) English 2A/B

2) Chemistry 2A/B

3) Human Biology 2A/B

4) Physics 2A/B

5) Maths 3A/B

6) Career and Enterprise 2A/B


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Last year, the only way we could get solutions was to ask teachers as far as I remember. Try asking your teachers or HODs and hopefully they will have copies (they should). They may not give it to you so early in the year though, based on the fact that generally, tests and exams usually include past TEE/ WACE exam questions.



@Shirlene is right.  The only way to access past WACE exams solutions is to ask your teachers for access as the Curriculum Council doesn't release those due to copyright reasons. Sucks as it would help so many students.




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